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Sunday, Nov. 8

9:45am – Opening Circle
w/ Andrea Zonnis
Meeting ID: 836 0921 8514
Passcode: 092648

10am – Crystal Energy: The Power of Rocks
w/ Siobhan Collins
Meeting ID: 868 5314 3998
Passcode: 849405

11am – Ascended Masters Portal to the Cosmic World
w/ Serafina Christine
Meeting ID: 849 3973 3788
Passcode: 053831

12pm – Light Codes and How to Channel Them
w/ Laara
Meeting ID: 846 4451 0156
Passcode: 662704

1pm – Meet Your Personal Dragon
w/ Lisa Wong
Meeting ID: 874 9024 1862
Passcode: 976775

2pm (20 minutes) – Ethical Sourcing for Crystals and Gems
w/ Christine Paton
Meeting ID: 823 9150 9149
Passcode: 644043

2:30pm (20 minutes) – Oracle Cards
w/ Kathryn Lowther
Meeting ID: 894 8846 0492
Passcode: 827797

3pm – Shadow Work: Potential in the Darkness
w/ Cassidy Conover
Meeting ID: 841 2717 9910
Passcode: 075487

4pm – I Talk to Dead People
w/ Maureen Fontaine
Meeting ID: 811 2249 6857
Passcode: 857757

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Zoom Room Etiquette

  • Make sure your video is on if you wish to participate. You will not be called on if your video is off. If your video is not working and you wish to participate add a note in chat.
  • Microphone should be off unless you are speaking. This helps with background noise reduction to ensure an enjoyable audio experience for everyone. Pro Tip: If you need to speak as you are called on you can press the space bar and hold to turn mic on when you release it your mic will turn off.
  • If you have questions as the presentation is happening please type them in the chat so that the presenter can stay in flow!
  • The workshop will be recorded. Have awareness around how much you wish to share on the recording! If you’d like to ask anonymous questions send the host a message. Book a private session with one of our Exhibitors if you would like to talk about private matters.
  • Arrive on time! If there is a meditation happening you will be let in once it’s complete.
  • We want you to participate and will do our best to give everyone a chance. Have awareness around how much you talk in a workshop and hold space for others to share as well.
  • All readings and workshops are for entertainment purposes only. We are not doctors, lawyers or other professionals! Advice from a reading or workshop should NEVER replace professional advice.
  • Kindness is key. See the light in every participant. Treat others how you would like to be treated. Speak from your heart and personal experiences in “I” statements.
    Have your Journal handy to take notes!

    Tech Trouble Steps

    1. RESTART your computer, laptop or device and try again.  This will fix the issue 80% of the time. 
    2. Make sure you have the latest version of Zoom installed and updated
    3. Contact Ian Byington 778 265 3014, he will do his best to get you into the Zoom Room.
     4. Any other issues email us at intuitiveartsfestival@gmail.com

Shopping Schedule

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Sunday, Nov. 8

12:30pm – Crystal Lotus Healings presents Colour Therapy
w/ Denise Franson

1:30pm – Earth Family Crystals
w/ Earth Family

2:30pm – Letting people know about your practice: Five quick tips
w/ Ian Byington

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Andria Winters, Msc.D

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Interfaith Minister

Spirit of Victoria


Metaphysical Directory

Community Chat

Looking for a friendly face to help? Need some advice on who to go see? Computer troubles? Ian Byington will be manning our Community Zoom for the duration of the festival. Pop in and say hi! Bring your own coffee or tea!

Ian is also available for tech support. Please call him at 778-265-3014 if you have any problems with Zoom.

Intuitive Arts Festival Angel Program

Intuitive Arts Festival Angel Program There’s a lot of big emotions that can come up during intuitive work and you don’t need to go through this alone. Andria Lee Winters is our Intuitive Arts Angel. If you need someone to hold space for you or someone to talk to, reach out and email Andria to set up a time to connect love@moonoveravalon.com This is a complimentary service.